Month: July 2017


Rained all night. Some minor mudslides reported by members in around the area. More rain forecasted all day!   SORRY, but Safety First.

Vandals tear out Poughkeepsie Trail Gate

Vandals tore out the North Gate of the Poughkeepsie Trail just off Mineral Creek. The ws4w Trail Crew found the damage when heading up to unlock the gate at the direction of the USFS. The vandals apparently used a winch

Yankee Boy Basin Re-opened

Ouray County Road & Bridge crew worked overtime to re-open CR361 into Yankee Boy. There is reported to be a lot of mud and debris still on th road and drivers are cautioned when driving the shelf portion of the

Poughkeepsie Gulch Trail Opening

The BLM/San Juan County has opened the Southern gates to the Poughkeepsie Gulch trail as of today. The Northern gate will open on Wednesday 7/19/2017 about Noon. The WS4W Trail crew will be leaving Montrose at 9am to head up

Black Opens Effective 7/13/2017

After yesterdays trail closure to allow the removal of equipment, San Miguel County has brought the bulldozers down off the trail and officially opened the Black Bear Trail this morning, 7/13/2017. County road crews caution early travelers that there is

No access to Bridal Veil Falls – Wednesday, July 12th

No access to Bridal Veil Falls – Wednesday, July 12th No access to Bridal Veil Falls on Wednesday, July 12th No vehicles, hikers or bikers allowed. The San Miguel County Road Crew will be coming off of the switchbacks on

Alpine Loop at Mineral Gulch Now Open

  From . Ouray County Road and Bridge ENGINEER PASS IS NOW FULLY OPEN!! Special thanks to US Forest Service, Yenter Company and Road and Bridge Operator for combined efforts to clear the pass of rock slide and hazards so quickly