Submissions Guidelines

Please read carefully for all submissions for the web site.



When submitting photo’s for use on the WS4W web site, please ensure that you have changed the image size to NO MORE than 4″ x 6″ size. If you don’t use a photo editing program, check your camera settings for a “Snap-Shot” mode. This will usually set the size to 4 x 6 inches or less with a ppi setting of around 72. Using this size ensures that the photo will not exceed the file size allowed for the web site. The maximum file size is 2mb. This is set by the web host and not WS4W.

If any questions on how to do this, please contact me directly and I will help you to solve the issue. We encourage everyone in the club to take pictures whenever possible while participating on club trips or when you are exploreing any trails out there. The name of the game is sharing! Not all submitted photo’s may get used, but we would rather get too many than none at all!

Please make sure you give a description and give credit to the photographer! We welcome ALL photo’s for use on the web site. Got some great shots? Send them in for inclusion in the Photo Gallery for all to see.

Send all Photo submissions to, Subject line “Photo’s”. These guidelines apply to ALL photo’s submitted for use on any page/portion of our web site.



Trip reports are usually the responsibility of the Trail Leader. The Trail Leader may ask another to submit the report. The Trip Report should contain a brief description of the day’s event and highlights of the trip, name those who participated and any particular event or special happening during the trip. Whenever possible, include photo’s of the Trail Head and unique obstacles or portions of the trip. Follow the guidelines for submitting photo’s as described above.

Be sure to include the correct name of the Trail run and the date of the event. The report should also include the name of the Trail Leader and the name of the Trip Report author.

Submit your Trip Report to, subject line “Trip Report”.


NEWS Reports

All news reports, either from other published sources or first hand accounts must give credit to their source for legal reasons. Be sure to include all information pertaining to the source at the end of your News item. News items should be brief and direct. If submitting any photo’s, follow the guide lines as noted above.

Submit your News items to, subject line “NEWS”

For additional information or assistance, please contact Rick Bell at or .