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      The Western Slope 4 Wheelers has the unique distinction of being located in what some would say is the heart of Off Road Country. Based out of the City of Montrose, the club is fortunate to have a vast network of trails available to explore. We are constantly updating information on these trails as conditions and opportunities change. In the effort to bring our Off Road friends the best trail information possible, we have divided the trails into various geographic areas. These areas list known trails, their directions to the trail head and additional information for descriptions and trail ratings. All information presented is offered in the hopes that you will find the same adventures and fun that our members enjoy every year.

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San Juan Mountains –

                                     Here you will find most of the trails which are located within the San Juan Mountain range. These trails include those found in and around the towns of Ridgway, Ouray, Silverton and Lake City. the majority of these trails are generally accessed from highway CO 550 between  Ouray and Silverton. They range from day trip trails to multi-day runs. The trail ratings range from 2 to 8. All feature great scenic wonders!

Montrose/Uncompahgre Plateau –

                                                       These trails are located but a few miles West of the City of Montrose and feature high mesa vistas and the challenge of a more rocky/sandy terrain. You will travel from wooded areas to open canyon views. This area is also home to some of the most Extreme Rock Crawling trails in the Nation! Whether you are looking for the scenic trail of wish to try your hand at extreme challenges for both vehicle and driver, this is an area not to be missed. Trails are rated from 3 to 10!

Dominguez/Escalante Canyon –

                                                                  A truly unique area offering spectacular views and mild off road trails. Here you will find great rock outcroppings and ancient wall carvings. The area has long been used by ancient Indian tribes and latter day early settlers. You will find the remnants of old cattle ranches and prehistoric evidence of early civilizations. The trail ratings range from 1 to 4 for most areas.    




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