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Here you will find tips and handy tricks to help you on the trail and with your Off-Road adventure


Once you have left the pavement and are headed down the dirt road do yourself a favor and pull over.

Get out of your trail rig and disconnect your sway bar and deflate your tires to the optimal pressure for off road travel. By lowering the tire pressure to 16-20 psi, or, even lower to 12-8 psi if you run oversized tires and have bead lock wheels. You will increase the footprint of your tire by as much as 20% to 30% and gain a lot of traction and at the same time smooth out that washboard road and all of those golf ball to tennis ball sized rocks not to mention those half buried watermelon sized rocks won’t jar your teeth loose or send you running for a spinal adjustment. Even if you are traveling 20+ miles per hour. Also note that even though you aren’t rock crawling, give your transmission a break and drop into low range. With the slight uphill grade and half deflated Gumbo-Monster-Mudders, your engine won’t have to work as hard, thus keeping your engine temp down and saving your transmission fluid from overheating. Having after market transmission coolers and gauges installed is added protection against transmission over-heating and good insurance for trouble free trail running. That guy that brags about running that whole trail in 4HI is looking for an early transmission failure and the loss of lots of $$$$.

 So, air down enjoy the soft ride and increased traction and remember slow speeds are your friend, especially when the tempters are over 80 degrees and climbing.

Now that you have finished the trail, you need to re-inflate those tires so you can get back home on the highway. An onboard air compressor or Co2 cylinder/power tank will be necessary to bring your tire pressure back up to the proper psi for highway travel and remember to reconnect those sway-bars as well before getting on the road. Travel over 30 miles an hour could be very dangerous without the sway-bar properly connected.

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