Current Trail Status

Check locally before heading to higher elevations.                                              

COUNTY                    Current Road Conditions from  : CDOT

Gunnison County

Ouray County

San Miguel County

Montrose County

San Juan County

Current Trail status:  Updated 7/21/2017

Alta Lakes  Closed Near Ophir San Miguel
Black Bear Pass Open  mud, snow and loose rock reported in several sections San Miguel
Blue Lakes Trailhead CLOSED CR 7 Ouray
Brown Mountain Open  mud & snow reported Ouray
Bolam Pass CLOSED  Closed for the season San Juan
Bullion King Lake CLOSED  Closed for the season San Juan
California Gulch Open   San Juan
Cinnamon Pass Open   Hinsdale
Clear Lake CLOSED   San Juan
Corkscrew Pass Open    Ouray
County Road 9 Open   Ouray
Cow Creek Open   Ouray
Engineer Pass Open still snow in places Ouray
Governor’s Basin Open   Ouray
Hurricane Basin CLOSED Closed due to deep snow Hinsdale
Hurricane Pass Open still a lot of snow in places San Juan
Imogene Pass Open Still deep snow and ice but open over the top San Miguel
Jaros Mesa Unknown   Hinsdale
Kite Lake Unknown   San Juan
Last Dollar Open  CR-T60 Proceed with caution lots of mud. 4×4 vehicle required. San Miguel
Maggie Gulch Open   San Juan
Mineral Creek/Gulch Open Watch for construction equipment in area Ouray
Minnie Gulch Open   San Juan
Ophir Pass Open  Still deep snow reported near summit and shelf road  San Miguel
Owl Creek Open  Still snow in places, very muddy. Ouray
Picayne Gulch CLOSED  Closed for the season San Juan
Poughkeepsie Gulch Open Vandals tore out the North Gate. Under investigation by USFS. San Juan
Red Mountain Pass Open  Heavy snow Caution Avalanch mitigation San Juan
Red Mountain Town Loop Open   Ouray
Stony Pass Open   mud and snow reported in places San Juan
Wager Gulch Unknown   Hinsdale
Yankee Boy Basin Open  Closed at Senator Gulch, 3.5 miles from highway 550. Ouray
 Coalbank Pass  Open    San Juan
 Molas Pass  Open    San Juan
 Animas Forks Open    San Juan
 Hotel Draw CLOSED   Closed for the season  San Juan
 Kennebec Pass  CLOSED