Rained all night. Some minor mudslides reported by members in around the area. More rain forecasted all day!


SORRY, but Safety First.

Vandals tore out the North Gate of the Poughkeepsie Trail just off Mineral Creek. The ws4w Trail Crew found the damage when heading up to unlock the gate at the direction of the USFS.

The vandals apparently used a winch to pull out the locking post along with the concrete and dragged the entire assembly off the trail damaging the gate. The USFS has further information as to

the possible culprits and are currently investigating the incident. No decision on repair of the gate has been made as of this date.

If further instances like this continue, the USFS will simply close the trail PERMANENTLY. If anyone has information leading to the arrest/prosecution of the individuals involved you are asked to contact the USFS.

Ouray County Road & Bridge crew worked overtime to re-open CR361 into Yankee Boy. There is reported to be a lot of mud and debris still on th road and drivers are cautioned when driving the shelf portion of the road. Efforts to clean the roadway are still underway so please use caution when driving this area.

The BLM/San Juan County has opened the Southern gates to the Poughkeepsie Gulch trail as of today. The Northern gate will open on Wednesday 7/19/2017 about Noon.

The WS4W Trail crew will be leaving Montrose at 9am to head up for the trail opening. You should expect the trail to be completely open at that time. The late opening was mainly due to our late winter and heavy snow accumulations. For more information on this and other trail status, please refer to our Current Trail Status page of the club’s website at www.ws4w.com .

After yesterdays trail closure to allow the removal of equipment, San Miguel County has brought the bulldozers down off the trail and officially opened the Black Bear Trail this morning, 7/13/2017.

County road crews caution early travelers that there is still considerable snow, mud and loose rock on the trail. The trail is passable but again travelers are urged to use caution.

No access to Bridal Veil Falls – Wednesday, July 12th

No access to Bridal Veil Falls on Wednesday, July 12th No vehicles, hikers or bikers allowed. The San Miguel County Road Crew will be coming off of the switchbacks on Black Bear Pass creating dangerous conditions for anyone below the road.


From . Ouray County Road and Bridge

ENGINEER PASS IS NOW FULLY OPEN!! Special thanks to US Forest Service, Yenter Company and Road and Bridge Operator for combined efforts to clear the pass of rock slide and hazards so quickly

Fiat/Chrysler has issued a recall for all Jeep JK Wrangler models. This recall, S43/NHTSA 16V-352, concerns the airbag systems in all JK models. According to the recall parts are now available at your dealer for this “no cost” repair. Call your local dealer for making the appointment for your airbag replacement. Use the recall number when calling. It is estimated the repair will take a minimum of 2 hours. The repairs are being done on an appointment basis. You may call their toll free number for more information at 1-866-220-6765.


Alert Notification

Road Assistant:Rock scaling mitigation is underway on Engineer Pass (County Road 18) in efforts to get the road opened as soon as possible. The Ouray County Road department is working to get assistance in clearing the landslide and perform rock mitigation in the area affected. There is still no definitive date for the opening of the Alpine Loop access from highway 550. As the work is performed, there will be further study for stabilization of the slide area.

Due to a massive landslide approximately 3/4 of a mile from the beginning of the Alpine Loop on Mineral Gulch from Highway 550, the Alpine Loop is closed to all traffic from the West end.

There is no word yet from Ouray County as to when the road may be re-opened. A massive landslide came down covering the newly graded area of the road up from the highway and also wiped out a portion of the “ledge road” allowing access to the rest of the Alpine Loop from hwy 550. This also puts access to the Poughkeepsie Trail to limited from the southern end near Lake Como or the North end of the trail from the east and Animas Forks.