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THE WESTERN SLOPE 4 WHEELERS CLUB … is a group of off-road enthusiasts who enjoy four-wheeling and who work to protect four-wheeling rights on our public lands.  The club was founded in February 1998.  Club adventures range from mild to extreme.  Runs include day trips on trails in the Montrose area, the San Juan Mountains, and elsewhere.  Other club gatherings include bowling, participation in parades, weekend trips outside the Montrose region, and week-long cross-country trips.  Weekend and week-long trips often include camping. The club is very active and you will find members making trail runs on any given day of the week. Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned off road runner, you will find members always willing to accompany you on the trail! Come join us for family fun on the trails!

Please check out our web site for more information about the club and current trail information. You will find the Calendar under Runs & Events. For the latest information and conditions on area trails go to the Trails page. There you will find information for traveling on the various trails and tips provided by the club members for improving your enjoyment of the sport of Off-Roading. Visitors are always welcome at the club meetings.If interested in membership or further information, check the membership link or use the contact us link.

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