Trip Reports

San Rafael Swell, April 3,4,5, 2024

Spring fever must have hit WS4W as 9 vehicles initially joined us for our exploration of the San Rafael Swell April 3rd, 4th and 5th. The Swell is approximately 2,000 square miles of canyons, towers, arches, rock art and spectacular views. The area is called a swell because the layers of rock were pushed up into a dome; erosion then washed away the softer rock and left what we see now. We were able to explore only some of the 2,000 miles of dirt roads in the area.

First up was Black Dragon Canyon and Wash, home of the Black Dragon Pictographs. The pictographs are estimated to be at least 1,500 years old and feature a flying dragon, for whom the canyon is named. There are numerous other pictographs in the area. The road turns west, just before entering the Canyon, and actually takes one through the uplifted reef, which is seen along I-70. The pictographs are spectacular as is the drive though the canyon. Our group continued on through the canyon and wash, across Jackass Benches and connected back to the interstate.

The second day’s exploration was along Buckhorn Drive out to The Wedge. While this was a very easy day’s drive, not even requiring 4-L, the points of interest were endless and included a suspension bridge built in 1937; a 150-foot long rock art display that may be more than 2,000 years old; outlaw Matt Warner’s inscription; a dinosaur footprint; more rock art and a final stop at Utah’s Little Grand Canyon, an overlook into a deep canyon carved by the San Rafael River. Exit was via Green River Cutoff, which provided more great scenery.

Friday, the 5th, saw our group exploring to Swaseys cabin and Eagle Canyon, after a side trip in search of more rock art. Rock art named Lone Warrior and Head of Sinbad were located and admired. Eagle Canyon provided a chance to work the vehicles (and drivers), Eagle Canyon Arch, a drive under I-70, and an alternate exit.

We want to thank all you came along with us; it was a great group of members and it’s always more fun with friends along.

September 29, Rimrocker part 1 and part 2 with Ruth and Lester

September 29th was the date (picked some time ago) to run the Rim Rocker Trail – Parts 1 and 2.  Without knowing it, this could also be called a club color run because the trees on the Plateau were in full beautiful fall color.  There were several members along and 1 guest from GA who joined us for the section from Montrose to Nucla city park.  He was running the Rim Rocker after spending a few days in the San Juans and was planning a week or so in Moab.  He appreciated the company and the tips on where to get final gas and supplies and where to spend the night.  Our lunch spot was along Part 2 of the trail, high above Highway 141 and the Dolores River valley.  After a refreshing stop in Naturita, it was decided to run Highway 90 back to Montrose rather than pavement – always take the scenic route.  Another great day out enjoying OUR public lands.  Thanks to those who came along.

September 22-24 Price, UT with Lester and Ruth

Can you say WOW??!!  4 trails in the Price UT area and the group had a hard time picking a favorite.  They were all very different and each had their particular highlights.  All offered spectacular views; we were also fortunate to see pronghorn antelope (really close) as well as sheep (part of a herd of 2000), horses and a stray cow being herded home.

Friday afternoon (Sept 22nd) we ran Reservation Ridge; had started this trail in May 2021 and were turned back by snow so we were determined to see what the rest of it was like.  This trail follows along the old boundary line of the Uintah-Ouray Indian reservations (thus the name).  Over the years the boundaries have changed a lot but the trail has kept the same name.  As it does run along a ridge line, the views were outstanding all the way along with the beginning of fall color.  We did explore one spur road off the main  trail which offered a tad more challenge and ended at an awesome view of a deep canyon.  This was a fun little trail to start our adventures with.

Saturday was a full day beginning with Dry and Water Canyons.  The first part of the run was uphill with lots of switchbacks, it was the downhill section which really got our attention and just about used our full quota of “WOWS”.  This section had maples (true New England Maple trees) and many were in full fall color – brilliant reds, which we very seldom see in western CO.  Lunch stop was at The Great Hunt Panel in Nine Mile Canyon, which was a treat for some who had not been there before.  The afternoon held a real adventure in Frank’s Canyon.  The starting point was provided in a seldom used guidebook but there was no additional information on the trail or route.  Our initial turn into the Canyon had a few members wondering where we were headed but this is truly a hidden gem of a canyon on a trail that sees minimal use. A long day (about 40+ miles on dirt plus mileage to and from) but we went from forest to desert and saw lots in between.

Sunday morning, after loading up the jeeps as we were headed home, we ran the northern part of Skyline Drive. This is a high-elevation drive atop the Wasatch Plateau with endless views of mountains and valleys.  This was also the route along which we saw sheep and horses.  The views also provided more opportunities to see small pockets of maples in distance, in color.  After lunch in a rest stop, we said our goodbyes  and headed for I-70 across a seldom visited corner of the San Rafael Swell.  From  there it was about 3 1/2 to 4 hours home after a terrific weekend get away on trails none of us had done before.

September 4, 2023,

Eureka Gulch-Ruth and Lester

First of all – WOW, what a turn out.  11 vehicles and 22 people.  It was so wonderful to see some friends we hadn’t seen in a while.  Who would have thought there would be such a terrific turnout for an easy trail.  Of course, it was a beautiful day (yes, a little windy) and the views were spectacular. 

The group all met up at the gas station in Silverton and then made our way to Eureka Gulch.  Thanks so much to Club Secretary, Georgette B., for her insight on the town of Eureka, the Sunnyside mine and mill, and history of the whole area.  Unfortunately, the trail out to the end of Eureka Gulch has been closed off due to some work in the area but the group found a nice big flat area for snacks, pictures, and rock hounding before returning to the mill area for lunch.  After lunch, we said good-bye to a couple in the group and the rest explored into the Minnie Gulch area.  This is a short little trail that dead-ends at a small turn around.  Highlights included an old bunkhouse, a couple of cabins and, as always in the San Juans, terrific views.

Thanks again to all who came along.  It was our pleasure to show this area to some folks for the first time and just be out enjoying OUR public lands.

Stony Pass with Ruth and Lester

6 other vehicles (all jeeps, including a Liberty, a Gladiator and a “392”) joined us for a trip over Stony Pass on Wednesday, Aug. 30th.  It was a little rocky up to the Pass but a fairly smooth ride down the other side to our lunch spot beside Pole Creek.  Pole Creek was pretty low, as was the Rio Grande River but, in the interests of time, we did not venture anyway further.  The weather was perfect without any hint of the summer monsoons we’ve had lately.  Very little traffic was encountered, and they were all quite cooperative and polite.  Some of the folks along had not been on this trail before so it was our pleasure to show them this part of the local countryside.  Thanks to all who came along, it was great to see everyone and be out enjoying OUR public land.

Trip Report – Black Bear – July 29,  2023

Attendees in 7 Jeeps:

  • Rick Antolovich (Trip Leader)
  • Jess Deegan (Tail Gunner)
  • Alyssa Kircher & Luke Hoffman
  • Steve & Debby Ridgway
  • Steve Waters
  • Stan McKenzie
  • Ryan Dinkler

This outing ended up being pretty much a mixed bag.  Rick got a little excited when he saw that the east gate (about a mile down from the pass) was unlocked and open.  So everyone drove on through to the top of the pass with encountering only one small patch of snow on the way.  The main route through the Keith Miller’s trough was totally snowed in, so we took the bypass. We then made it about 1/2 mile down the west side before being stopped by a large, deep snow field with about a 20 degree side angle.  Stan wanted to test it out, so we put a couple of lines on his Bronco and let him play pendulum for a while.  The rest of the crew tried to apprehend a miscreant trail biker rocketing all over the tundra, but he escaped.  On the way back Stan, Steve R., Jess and Rick did manage to break a trail through the multiple ice tunnels and snow in Miller’s trough after a little bit of winching – pretty fun.

After that everyone seemed to enjoy the optional side trip through Porphyry Gulch to Bullion King mine area before calling it an OK day.

6 vehicles, 14 people, (10 members and 4 guests), headed out from the park in Ouray for Silver Basin.  Along the way, there were waterfalls, wildflowers, a little dust, spectacular views, one quick tug and one snowbank, right over the trail.  It was way deep and only left a very narrow strip of dirt before the drop off.  Even though the group was only about 1/2 mile from the Basin and the Lake, it was decided, in the interest of safety first, to turn around and leave the end for another day. After lunch and upon the return to Camp Bird road, some of the group explored Governor’s Basin (also still closed as of today due to snow), and others headed out on Imogene.  We stopped in Ouray for chocolates, coffee, ice cream, and a visit to Cascade Falls.

It should be noted that due to the tremendous snow fall last winter, the waterfalls are breathtaking this year.  And, special thanks to Steve W. for taking us to a waterfall off Silver Basin trail that we had never been to before – it’s always a treat to find something new.

Trip Report – Poughkeepsie  Opening I – July 1,  2023 

July 1, 2023 

Attendees (19 bodies in 13 Jeeps): 

  • Rick Antolovich (Trip Leader) 
  • Cindy Carrigan 
  • Jess Deegan (Tail Gunner)  
  • Steve & Debby Ridgway (Mid Gunner) 
  • Scott Powers 
  • Stan McKenzie 
  • Aaron & Geralynn Dykstra 
  • Curtis, Linda, CJ, & Robert Milton; Dillon Piutt 
  • Eddie Piatek 
  • George Joseph 
  • Steve Beckett 
  • Mark Ferguson 
  • Vanessa Popik 

Everyone regrouped at the Rotary Park (the one with the hockey rink) on the North side of Ouray to air down before heading to the Corkscrew trailhead at Ironton Park.  The first piece of good news was that Corkscrew had been open for a week.  The next piece was that Hurricane and California had just been plowed through, so we were able to get to see the Upper Poughkeepsie Trailhead.  It was loaded with several extensive snowfields right up to the upper gate.  After some drone footage was taken of the upper route, all agreed it would be a fool’s errand to attempt clearing it, so the gate was left locked as we all headed up and over California.  After a couple large traffic jams (one at the top and the other  half way down), we decided to attempt Placer / Picayne / Picayune, which amazingly had been plowed all the way through to Animas Forks. 

We wrapped up a most excellent day in the San Juans by airing up in Silverton, after which each went his own separate way.  On the way home, Rick and a few others probed Black Bear.  They only got less than half way up the East side before a large snowfield blocked their way.  Looks like some schedule reshuffling is on order for the WS4W event calendar… 

Trip Report – Topless – April 15, 16, 17, 22 & 24 2023

Day 1 – April 15th


· Rick Antolovich & Cindy Carrigan (Trip Leader & Lunch Caterer)

· Jess Deegan (Tail Gunner)

· Steve & Debby Ridgway

· Scott Powers

After an evening of heavy rains & some snow, Rick fired up the crew with some mini cinnamon rolls before heading out to Rim Road, which was wet and muddy and slippery in spots. At the trailhead everyone remarked on how their tread blocks were loaded up with mud (except Rick, whose racing slicks were just muddy.

The only rig to make it up the first obstacle unaided was the Ridgway GOBJ – all others slipped and slid too close to the drop off for comfort.

The second obstacle is where all the fun began in earnest (Racing Slick Rick actually made it). Unfortunately for Scott, he is now ofer on this trail. A loud bang was heard from his XJ while attempting this obstacle. Rick interrupted his rock stacking hobby to see Scott’s driver rear axle shaft & wheel walking out the axle tube. The next near 2 hours was spent un-wedging the XJ and winching it up the obstacle, jamming & re-jamming the wheel & shaft back it as much as it would go. This is when Cindy really came through with a great hot lunch break of pulled pork with all the fixins’.

The next 3 hours plus was spent trying to move/winch the XJ up the 2nd half on the trail. Rick took a recon hike to see how far & difficult it would be to reach the “bail out” (more on this later) exit about a mile up the trail while the rest of the crew managed to cajole the XJ less than a hundred yards past the 2nd obstacle. Rick reported the “bail out” exit was way too far & difficult to continue, and since the dinner hour was approaching he made the call to lock up and abandon the XJ, and mount everyone up to finish the trail before dark.

Day 2 – April 16th


· Steve Ridgway & Scott Powers

· Eddie Piatek

Sunday AM early Eddie was enlisted to give the recovery crew a backup vehicle and lotsa experience. Rick managed to go skiing even earlier. Eddie led the crew to the “bail out” exit spot and scared the bejeepers out of himself going down it (he vowed to never go down it again). When they reached the XJ (with a spare axle in hand), they were not able to solve the Chinese puzzle of how to disassemble the

Dana 30 / ARB enough to get the replacement in. A Ferris or a Terry were sorely needed – end of first recovery day.

Day 3 – April 17th


· Steve Ridgway & Scott Powers

· Eddie Piatek & Terry Hawkins

Rick once more managed to come up with some kind of shaky excuse to be elsewhere while the lads took the standard route up to the crippled XJ where Terry easily solved the Chinese puzzle. With the XJ now able to limp back down the trail on its own, it made day 2 of recovery a success. Scott was left with the job of rebuilding bearings, brakes, etc. when he got home.

Day 4 – April 22nd


· Rick Antolovich

· Steve Ridgway

· Scott Powers

· Eddie Piatek

· Terry Hawkins

· Steve Waters

A de-briefing breakfast at Starvin’ Arvin’s was enjoyed early Saturday before the Scratch ‘n Dent run just so Rick could write up this report. You knew he wouldn’t miss chow time.

Day 5 – April 24th


· Steve Ridgway

· Rick Antolovich

At the breakfast de-briefing, Steve said a big tree had just fallen across the trail between the 1st and 2nd obstacles, causing an unnecessary bypass to be created. So he recruited Rick (who finally stepped up) to help him saw and move it over to block the bypass – a very successful task. Rick would like it mentioned that he did make it up the 1st obstacle with ease this time while the GOBJ struggled through 3 attempts.

Pleased to report that the recent trip to Aztec NM, searching for arches, was a complete success.  During the two day adventure at least 20 arches, possibly more were found.  

Some were ones we went looking for and others were extras that we found driving along the backroads and just spotted.  Some had names (Saddle Horn, Little Delicate, Aztec, La Manga, Alien etc) and some were just part of the NM arch numbering system.  Some were quite large, others fairly small; some we had found on a previous trip but many were new to us; some were right beside the road, others took some bushwhacking or hiking to get to; some you could get right up to (some of us even got in one or two), while others had to be enjoyed from a distance.  

All in all, it was a fun 2 days with a great group of people out enjoying more of our public lands.  Thanks to everyone who came along.  More pictures can be found on Facebook.

Trip Report Anthem, AZ-March 16-19

First and foremost, let me extend a huge thank you to club members Jack and Deb Rose for all their help in pre-running trails for us, recommending which ones would work best and finding “extra” sites of interest.  Our annual trips to AZ would not be nearly as terrific without all their involvement.

Having said that, the next thing is that, as usual, our three days of trail rides were terrific.  We did Hieroglyphics Loop, Black Canyon City Overlook and Vulture Mine area.  The wildflowers were doing their absolute best it give us a great show – among others we saw Mexican poppies, desert chicory, lupine, bluedick, globe mallow and brittle bush.

No tow straps or winches were needed on any of the trails; no body damage was sustained and all obstacles were handled easily.

The group consisted of Jack and Deb, Lester and Ruth (co-conspirators and co-planners), Stan and Marcy, Craig and Helen and Jess and Gigi.  5 vehicles, 10 members and 1 dog (Cash); all were well behaved!!  I have only included a few pictures here; additional pictures will be posted on Facebook by various participants.

Things we learned – there are no hieroglyphics on Hieroglyphics Loop; Mexican poppies need a specific range of temperature and sunlight to bloom; from start point to overlook, Black Canyon City Overlook trail is 3 miles as the crow flies but 16 miles as the trail goes; it is possible to mine for gold by way of a deep shaft down into the ground; there are arches in AZ; and the Hassayampa River can be difficult to cross if it has been wet (which it has been).

Trip Report – Valentines Kerfuffle Moab – March 6-8, 2023 


  • Rick Antolovich (Trip Leader) 
  • Jess Deegan (Tail Gunner)  
  • Steve Ridgway 
  • Steve Waters 

Rick, Steve R.  & Jess met up Monday 7:00 AM at the junction of US 50 & Solar Rd for the southern route to Moab.  The cinnamon rolls and sticky buns at the Naturita convenience store were warm and yummy.  There was beaucoup snow at Old La Sal & Two Mile Road (part of Rim Rocker route) – very wintery. 

We pitched our tents at the Kings Bottom site we wanted and headed directly out to Cliffhanger, now a very solid class 8 trail. The fun was immediate through the first  obstacles, and then the adventure got  serious on the right hand obstacle just across Kane Creek.  Rick & Jess were able to get 2 winch lines on a teetering Steve R. to safely prevent any kerfuffle – they did a most excellent imitation of a Rory Moab Motorsports youtube video.  The route continued with many challenging obstacles (icluding the Clifffhanger itself) out to trail’s end above the Jackson Hole rincon.  The return featured a little more winch work (Jess at Cliffhanger, Rick at “3rd obstacle) before deciding on dinner at The Brewery. 

Day 2 started with a very tippy / sandy entry into Pritchet.  Everyone thought the trail looked severely eroded from the past Fall & Winter.  When we reached Down & Dirty (just before Chewy), there was a whole lot of scouting and noodling by Jess, Steve & Rick. Rick did drop in about 1/3 of the way before all called it off.  Even with 3 winch points to rappel (abseil?) from, the consensus was it now looks like a class 10 death wish even for a buggy.  Rick offered an alternate activity out to loop the Jackson Hole rincon, after which Jess got to relive his time spent with Gigi at the Base Came Adventureland.  That’s where we learned  of 5 storms of the century in 16 days last  September – trail deterioration explained.  The Brewery once more beckoned, joined by Steve W. 

Day 3 lost Steve R. and gained Steve W. for a run at Steelbender.  As always, Rick underestimated just how long it would take (we guessed it had about 3 solid class 7 obstacles with some decent pucker factors).  We won’t mention Jess needing a line to pull him down a ledge, or that it took over 6 hours to get back to highway 191. At least all make it back home without noticeable body damage… 

Several club members had expressed an interest in the November Red Rock 4-wheelers trail of the month on Nov. 19th, so Lester and Ruth offered to lead a trail in the Moab area the Friday before on the 18th.  The trail chosen for this adventure was Dolores River Overlook, a fun, easy little trail starting at the old Dewey Bridge staging area.

The group of 5 jeeps (9 club members) left about 11am and 18 miles later ended up at a spectacular remote overlook of the Dolores River, after enjoying beautiful Moab scenery along the way.  Since it is a little later in the season, we were able to enjoy having the trail all to ourselves, both out and back.  Only the leaders had done this trail before so it was our pleasure to introduce others to this great trail.

I’ve attached a few pictures and Deb R. has posted more on FB (thanks Deb for taking those).

Some of the group were able to join RR4-Wheelers on the 19th.  However, the group was large and split into 2 smaller groups; some did Dry Mesa, the scheduled trip, and others did Tower Arch trail.  Both are in the Arches NP area and are good trails to do.

Weather both days was perfect (although a little windy) and it was fun to be out enjoying Our Public Lands.

Rubidoux cleanup was joined on Saturday 22nd we met at North City Market 9:00 took off about 9:20 headed up to Rubidoux Trail we were joined by 11 vehicles and 20 people and four very adorable doggies. On the way up we stopped and the first clean up was done by Matt White. Signs were hammered in I should say muscled in by Matt White Eddie and Curtis and they use the men power to fix the signs.

Headed up the Rubidoux to find that we stopped along the way picking up the bottles and cans and a few other things. The biggest cleanup was done by Scott and then the biggest excitement or unusual fine was by John and Diane and very unusual pictures will follow. Our youngest little cleanup on the trail was CJ thank you CJ you did a wonderful job thank you for coming with Curtis your dad. It was just a Wonderful time. A lot of laughs and stories .The weather held for us. One of was obstacles named easy peasy by John. We were joined by Lorri & Chiff William Brother Kyle he put muscle into cleanup too thank you. Thank you for a wonderful day… Scott and William get the prize for the best Splash and they did a wonderful job of doing it okay. Daniel did excellent with his little Renegade. Thank you

Trip Report – Black Bear Final – October 22, 2022

Attendees (4 vehicles, 5 bodies):

· Rick Antolovich (Trip Leader)

· James Wilkinson (tail Gunner)

· John Shattuck

· Vanessa Popik & Becky Smith

All the rigs met at the US550 trailhead around 10:30 AM to air down and move on for the last day in the mountains for 2022. The top of the pass proved very breezy and chilly, but the trip down went through all the tippy spots and switchbacks without incident. Ingram and Bridal Veil Falls had a fresh coating of rime – a nifty effect.

After a long lunch in Telluride at Steamers, John counseled against attempting the icy shelf road death slide on north side of Imogene, so we all took the very windy Last Dollar scenic route back to US550. Be sure to see the web for all the fun pictures.

Trip Report – Poughkeepsie Closing – October 20, 2022

Attendees (6 vehicles,6 bodies):

· Rick Antolovich (Trip Leader)

· Steve Ridgway (Tail Gunner)

· Jess Deegan

· Vanessa Popik

· Ferris McCollum

· Scott Powers

All but Vanessa did the 8:00AM early start from City Market South – they met Vanessa later at the Ironton exit from US550, and then drove over Corkscrew and Hurricane Passes on a beautiful Indian Summer day to lock the Poughkeepsie upper gate. We did notice that several vertical sign strips were placed by the Forest Service on much of the road braiding above The Wall as we locked the middle gate. The roadway(s) left open in this section have become noticeable rougher, perhaps class 5 to 6.

The Wall area cabling that was done on the Summer Workday was just as we left it. The rest of the route to the lower gate was also as we saw it earlier this year, but we did have to pull a couple large logs back across the illegal bypasses from the private road. After locking this gate, we flipped our route closed sign and headed down Mineral to US550 and back home.

Trip Report for Ershim-Dusy August 22-29, 2022.

Preface: The last message to the group stated, “Again, the idea of this trip is to enjoy the scenery, Wheel without breakage, FUN! with short runs each day. Hit the trail by 9:30ish, lunch/snacks at some point/ travel to next stop. This will prevent fatigue and allow us to enjoy the environment! “

This was based on the fact that in 2008 Four Jeeps traveled the trail, with one full day at Ershim Lake, in Five Days, with the last day from Ershim Lake to pavement, including the drive back to the Tow Vehicles (60ish miles away) and home to Bakersfield. Having said this:

August 22 the group met at Badger Flat campground: Jessie and Jami Higgins (Bakersfield Trailblazers-BT), TJ; Rick Antolovich (Western Slope Four Wheelers-WS), Four-Runner; Marcel Aebi, JT-D (BT); Jess and Gigi Deegan, JT(BT & WS). The former and latter had both run the trail in 2008. Dinner was Steak and all the fixings. The order the first day on the trail, was the reversed of that listed here.

August 23 the group broke camp, having aired down the night before, proceeded a few miles to the White Bark Vista and the beginning of the trail. Immediately, the trail climbed to a 5, then floated between 7 and 8.5 for the next 12 hours. The trail was rocky, curvy, and at each turn either a tree, rock, or drop off required your attention. Twelve hours was driving time, which includes the time winching, towing, or simply spotting. Note that within about 200 yards of our campsite destination (Ershim Lake), the Four-Runner became a Three-Runner, severing a front CV drive axle. The group set camp, ate a quick snack and settled for the night.

August 24 the group broke camp as planned, with renewed belief that the trail would be easier. The order also changed, with the Three-runner following Jess/Gigi, so that the former could assist quickly as needed. Though not of the intensity of the 23rd, the trail remained challenging drifting between 5 and 6 for the 6.5 hours of driving, including spotting for the various obstacles (which were constant) and remounting a front tire on the crippled 3-Runner . Rejuvenated by the fact that campsite 2 (East Lake) was indeed within the hoped-for driving time, camp was set, and everyone enjoyed Pulled Pork, the fixings, and Tasting of Scotch. This was also the day of Gigi and Jess’ 35th Wedding Anniversary, with toasting as to such.

August 25, with the day before as predicted (more or less) and the group rested, we set off with Enthusiasm. This despite the fact that Four-Runner was a three-Runner, requiring lines that were not the norm. The early part of the day proved to be, again, challenging constantly, but the group reached Thompson Hill with reasonable time in the day left and proceeded down. As we proceeded down Thompson, we were confident we would be at camp before dark. After all, we were going downhill and it was a short 3-mile hill. Little did we know the challenges, given a (very nasty, RA edit) 9 plus rating and a vehicle that needed babying. At the 12.5-hour mark with three of the four vehicles having driven off trail in the dark (not RA), and exhausted, we set tents and slept.

August 26, with 30 hours of driving time having occurred in three days, we woke, had coffee and headed down the remainder of Thompson Hill. Four hours later, we found a spot close to the water (which was incredibly low) and set camp (Courtright Reservoir) . Early Dinner included, Bison Chili (with fixing) and Eskimo Pies/Cheesecake (or both). The crew of Marcel and Rick, then jumped into the Gladiator Diesel and proceeded on a Mission from God. With two of the four vehicles having not topped off in Shaver, and neither carrying extra gas, and both already having used another person’s 5 gallons of gas, the need was apparent that if the group was to SURVIVE, MORE GAS was needed. They also picked up another 10 gallons of water. The mission ended, about 8:30 p.m., having transversed Little Thompson and Chicken Rock in both directions and traveling 84 miles total. We also had Port!

August 27……we relaxed, finally ending the day, after canoeing/Kayaking/Fishing/Chilling, with Brats, fixings, and left-over whatever (cheesecake). Then God sent a sign – a stock Tacoma miraculously appeared, cruising the dried-up lakebed. Rick chased it down on foot to learn of a Lakeshore Drive, bypassing Little Thompson and Chicken Rock.

August 28, the group broke camp and having learned of the God Given exit, allowing the poor three runner to travel along the shore of Courtright, avoiding Little Thompson and Chicken Rock, to pavement after a short section of maybe 3-4. At pavement it was noted that everyone had suffered some amount of damage, though Rick won the trophy. (Marcel noted upon editing that ”the damage to the undercarriage on my JT is extensive. Will definitely be needing a lift and full armor”, thus putting the trophy in contention; MAYBE, Rick has some good body damage and needs an external cage, not counting the CV/AXLE). Total Travel time was about 40 hours. After some minor repairs and airing up, (1) Marcel quickly drove to Bakersfield, where serviced was required due to a diesel engine; (2) Jesse/Jami drove back to their tow vehicle, and Bakersfield, with work to be done later; (3) Rick followed Jess/Gigi back to Bakersfield, where everyone passed out.

August 29, Jess and Rick, with eternal thanks to Jesse, disassembled the front passenger CV/Axle and replaced the same. That afternoon, Rick was able to head for Northern California via the Owens Valley. The fact that everyone who started the trip were returned to their normal abnormality, Jess and Gigi had some more wine.

OUR GRATITUDE to all that made OUR TRIP possible!

August 15th, Hill crest clean-up

August 15th 2020 our street cleanup for the year. It was a nice morning to be out. Fiona, Caitlin & Talus arrived early. Talus said let get started..SOSOSO when we arrive it was almost all done ..So Talos Told us where she hadn’t been…🤣💜😅SOSOSO now it is time for breakfast..So off we go. Thank you everyone..Linnea 😊

Pink Moon run (Alpine Plateau) August 13, 2022

We had an awesome night run .Turned on Alpine plateau Rd .Head to Arrowhead Lodge for supper . Wonderful fun night we had a very nice supper at the arrowhead Lodge.Some had supper went back to Montrose. Then we took off and went down and headed into our night run. I told them a couple of stories about the Sawmill up on top we went to an overlook .We did find out the big big piles of wood are for the Beavers 🤣😅Then we head down to the other side to get to 149Hwy…We turn on Blue mesa cut off. Head to wagon wheel notch. Came back out to hwy 50. Work are way back to Montrose and coming through the canyon it is a workout.Thank you everyone for very wounderful night 🌙 P.S I had the most fun 💜 Linnea.+6

Trip Report – Black Bear Reverse- August 6, 2022

Attendees (12 vehicles, 4+ bodies):

· Rick Antolovich (Trip Leader)

· Terry & Jamie Hawkins, Brooke White

· John & Beth Heibel (Trail Monitor – Black Bear Pass)

· Eddie & Linnea Piatek (Trail Monitors – US 50)

· Trevor Pepperdine

· Steve Ridgway (Tail Gunner)

· Cindy Carrigan

· Scott Powers

· Daryl Cox

· Marcus & Lacee Trusty

· Ed Cusick

· James & Lisa Wilkinson

· Steve Waters

· Ryan Dinkler

Breakfast Burritos at zero dark thirty provided by Cindy Carrigan were the highlight of pre-dawn in the City Market South parking lot. The next stop was the parking lot at the big mine east of Telluride to air down and line up. After lotsa switchbacks we all stopped for some gawking and photo ops at Ingram Falls.

The Ledges, 4Runner Rock(s) and the other off camber tippy shelves were conquered by most (it was rumored that a strap came out at one spot) on the way to the “Began One Way” sign at the Black Bear Mine parking lot. John Heibel kept all but one from heading our way up the 2-way to his vantage point at Black Bear Pass.

From there we could communicate with the Piateks that our group was splintering into different return routes for the day, so we let Linnea open up the east side to the public as the remainder of us met her at US 50.

It’s always a good day on Black Bear when you get to drive away from it.

Trip Report – Williams Pass Opening – July 30-31, 2022

Attendees (3+ vehicles, 4+ bodies):

· Rick Antolovich (Trip Leader)

· Robert & Nancy Gallegos (Tail Gunner)

· Marcus Trusty (CORE) & others

· Jess Deegan

Rick & Jess met up Saturday mid-AM at the junction of US 50 & CO 92 and soldiered on to St. Elmo by early afternoon. Meanwhile the Gallegos’ had already setup their camper at the top of Marshall Pass while Rick & Jess took a leisurely trip up to Pomeroy Lakes. By late afternoon Rick & Jess had their tents setup in “Moose Meadow” along the Hancock Lake road, and put in some effort to keep their campfire going in the drizzling rain until sack time.

Sunday morning the three WS4W rigs met up with four Jeeps from CORE and slogged through the rocky bogs of Williams Pass on the way to the Alpine Tunnel road for lunch, putting up some Palisade barriers and removing one Palisade rock along the way. Then it was a return back over Williams Pass to Hancock, this time leaving all the gates open for some eager Jeepers.

The WS4W crew next went over Hancock Pass in driving rain and 3 mooses to the base of Tomichi Pass. Robert was leary of The Slide, so Rick went ahead to make it through that feature before radioing the others to proceed. The rest of the long drive through Tomichi and White Pine on to Sargents was most pleasant. Robert and Nancy then hit the Sargents Cafe for a fun dinner while Jess & Rick headed home.

Trip Report – Poughkeepsie Work Day- July 16, 2022

Attendees (11 vehicles, 13 bodies):

· Rick Antolovich (Trip Leader)

· Steve Ridgway (Tail Gunner)

· Ferris McCollum

· Scott Powers

· Marcus Trusty (CORE)

· Terry Hawkins

· Cindy Carrigan

· Woody McFergus

· Ed Piatek

· Trey Denison

· Mike Freeman

· Jess Deegan

· Ryan Dinkler

Had yet another big turnout for this one, including a couple of CORE lads. A bunch of gear was transferred from inside Rick’s 4Runner (Carol’s?) to the pickup truck beds for safety sake before leaving City Market South to air down at the Ouray Rotary Park. Unfortunately Cindy’s rig had some brake issues going up from Ouray and had to return to Montrose. (We all sure had more than we could handle from the huge lunch goodies she and Linnea sent with the work crew – beaucoup fried chicken, cut fruit, etc.)

A special shout and much gratitude goes out to everyone who worked so very hard hauling, humping and slogging all over The Wall – what a workout. Ferris’ fabbed up 4″ pile driver was invaluable, as well as all the various lengths of 2″ pipe he had prepared. One definitely struggles at 12,000′ dealing with core drills, welders, generators, angle cutters, water containers, heavy cable & pipe, etc. All the illegal bypasses were solidly closed up and marked to deter most any future miscreants from further mayhem. Natives Terry & Eddie provided the needed background and experience to make sure the job was done correctly.

After some decent rains and a little play time, everybody made it home safe and without injury – yay team!

Trip Report – Black Bear- July 9, 2022

Attendees (17 vehicles):

· Steve Ridgway (Mid Gunner)

· Rick Antolovich (Trip Leader)

· Jess Deegan (Tail Gunner)

· Scott Powers

· Lee Ann Fowler

· Ken Whitlow

· Cindy Carrigan

· Gayla Michaud

· Lester Sendecki

· Matthew White

· Kathy Hockin

· Ryan Dinkler

· Ed & Janice Cusick

· Keith Miller

· John & Beth Heibel

· Jordan Darctuy

· James & Lisa Wilkinson

· Dakota Fowler

· Mary McBride

· John Potockl

· Mike Rice

Had a another big turnout for this one. Left City Market South on time and headed for the Ouray Rotary Park to air down. Keith Miller left early to post our Black Bear Reverse notice at the trailhead, where he met up with Flat Fender Mike Rice. The rest soon followed (after spotting some Mooses in Ironton Park) for some initial wildflower viewing going up the east side of the pass. Rick A. did his usual obnoxious thing on Poser Rock at the top, and then it was down into Ingram Basin for a lunch stop at our new one way sign near the entrance to the Black Bear Mine.

After some more counseling from Rick A., everyone nicely made their way through all the off-camber little tippy sections and down The Ledges for a photo-op at Ingram Falls. Lastly the switchbacks down to the bottom porta-potties were negotiated without incident.

From there the run was officially done, with sub-groups returning via the highway, Ophir Pass, Last Dollar, etc. Many great looking pics of the trip appeared all over the net thereafter.

Trip Report – Poughkeepsie Opening – June 26, 2022

Attendees (11 vehicles,15 bodies):

· Steve& Debby Ridgway (Tail Gunner), Rick Antolovich (Trip Leader)

· Ferris McCollum

· Scott Powers

· Robert & Nancy Gallegos

· Terry & Tawnya Hawkins

· Cindy Carrigan

· Craig Fleetham

· Christopher Snapp

· Walt & Brooke White

· Bill Roscoe

Had a big turnout for this one. Left City Market South on time and headed for the Ouray Visitor Center to pick up Bill Roscoe and air down, then on to Ironton Park for Bill and others to also air down. The idea was to take the Corkscrew shortcut to Hurricane and do Poughkeepsie from top to bottom (South to North for those of you from Rio Linda, California). Fearless Leader Rick pretty much drove with his hair on fire to keep things as much ahead of predicted rains as possible.

We only had a couple of snow patches to deal with as the group split into two at the gate just above The Wall Bypass branch and regrouped at the base of The Wall. The were some well done descents and ascents of The Wall until Fearless Leader zeroed in on basically the only line that doesn’t go and had to have the club president spot him out of it just before the skies opened up.

The rest of the trail down to the bottom (North) gate went without incident – all prior years’ work on blocking illegal bypasses is holding up well, with no signs of violations. We even made some eager beavers waiting for us at the lower gate very happy when we opened t. The day ended with a lot of chatting in the rain before airing up at US 550.

May 28, 2022
Eddie and Linnea decided to do a fun ride on Rubideau Trail last Saturday, the 28th. The group of 5 vehicles left Downtown City Market and headed out Divide Road to the turn on Fence Line Road, which is one end of Rubideau Jeep Loop. Trail was dry, weather was good, avalanche lilies were in full bloom and all was well until ….. we ran into the first downed tree, and then another and another and soon. We were only able to make it about 2 miles. After clearing several trees and seeing more up ahead, the leaders decided to call it. Return was on Transfer Road, to Blue Spruce creek where the purple and yellow flowers were in abundance. It was great to see all the water flowing. Saw the old transfer staging station then off to A&W for root beer and other associated goodies. Not sure how the rest of the trees will get cleared but that’s an issue for another day.

May 21, 2022 Wave/Eagle

6 brave vehicles met at Peach valley staging area. Ran into Craig and Helen Whitney. Was great to see them. Headed out to Wave/Eagle. Made it to the first hill and due to mud, trip leader Eddie made the decision to turn around. Went to Culver’s for lunch for visiting, and plans for new adventures.

Linnea and Eddies Tabeguache pop-up run 4-10-22

Met at North City Market and left at 9:15 am. 9 vehicles.  It was very exciting to have Craig and Helen with us.  2  guest vehicles.  

Along the way we found a secret spire.  So Moab is not the only place that has secret spires.  Debbie said that it’s not a secret now.  😊 

Water in Spring creek was flowing high.  An hour later and we would not have been able to cross.  We did have Moses (aka Steve) to part the creek.   Two more creek crossings had water in them.  The last one was the first time water was ever seen in it.

Found a beautiful lunch spot, that had a visitor who was very curious about our group.  My highlight and joy was getting to see a blue bird.

Found more trash at the end of Tabeguache/Transfer road.  It has been reported to the BLM and a work party will be arranged in the near future.

Thank you Steve and Debbie for being wonderful tailgunners.

Ended the day at Culver’s for dinner and reflection of the day.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful day.

Linnea and Eddies Smith mountain pop-up run 4-9-22

We started out Saturday around 1:30 pm at City Market North and headed to the Peach Valley staging area to gather the rest of the group.  17 vehicles and 4 guest in all headed out to do Smith Mountain.  Yes, it was windy, however the bravest of the brave Mike and Margie did the run in their open Willy’s. 

The trail was in good condition, and very scenic.

On the way out a huge pile of trash was seen and the BLM department has been notified of it.  BLM is in the process of getting the trash removed.

Thank you, Mike for spotting Joann, she did amazing with her Nissan rouge. 

We braved the wind again and parked at the overlook to get some views in.

We then headed down the mountain and back to Montrose and met at A & W for dinner and reflect on the day.

Thank you, John and Beth for being the tail gunner.  Thank you, Robert and Nancy for directing people back to Montrose, via Peach Valley.

Thank you, Sean for discovering that rugged channel 3 is the same as our channel 5 on the VHS radios.

Thank you everyone we really had a great time.

March 27-29, 2022

Lester and Ruth’s Arizona trip.

Let me start by thanking club members Jack and Deb Rose for their hospitality and leadership while we were visiting.  These AZ adventures often seem like joint efforts, with us coming up with a list of possible trails and the locals (Jack and Deb) pre-running the trails, helping to finalize the list and leading for us.  Seems to work out really well, as it is always a fun fun time.
We went down to explore the Great Western Trail, a 3000 mile backcountry route from Mexico to Canada.  Monday we explore Saguaro Lake in the Butcher Jones Recreation area and Sycamore Creek.  Maps suggested they could be run as a loop and this proved to be true, with only a little back tracking from our private lunch spot on Saguaro Lake.  Sycamore Creek provided some real good 4-wheeling, more wildflowers and some local wildlife. While Monday was mostly cloudy, it didn’t stop us from enjoying the views, the wildflowers and the trail.  Deb commented that if we had gone later in the season, we would have missed the wildflowers, which included poppies, desert marigolds, lupine, globe mallow, hedgehog cactus, and many more.
The plan had been to do Montana Mountain on Tuesday but we were greeted at the airdown site by heavy (torrential) rain, thunder and lightening.  We all agreed that we knew better than to venture up into the mountains in lightening so called it a day.  Plans were made to do Bulldog Canyon the following day, which turned out to be a perfect day to be out enjoying Our Public Lands in AZ.  Bulldog Canyon has 5 entrance / exit points, we explored 3 of them; it also provided views of Yellow Mountain, lots of saguaros and lots of fun 4-wheeling.
We missed those of you who couldn’t come along, for various reasons; know that you missed a very fun 2 days of jeeping in AZ.  More pictures and additional stories to be posted on Facebook.

March 18/19th, 2022

Since Lester and Ruth had planned to be in Moab for the Red Rock 4- Wheelers Trail of the Month on Sat. March 19th, we went over early and invited WS4W members to join us on Friday the 18th.  What a success that was!!!  
We had 7 other vehicles and 14 other people join us for a morning loop of Tusher Tunnel and Hidden Canyon.  Lunch was at the staging area of the Dinosaur Dig, which, unfortunately was closed due to BL restoration work.  Afternoon included a stop at the Halfway Stage Stop and the loop around Courthouse Rock. The Courthouse Rock loop included Views of Monitor & Merrimac and Determination Towers. 
Several of the group had never done any of this area before and it is always our pleasure to introduce folks to a new (to them) area.  Others had done some of it before but still enjoyed being out enjoying our public lands.  Friday’s weather was absolutely spectacular to be out in that area.

While not a WS4W club event, 6 of the 8 vehicles from Friday joined Red Rock 4-Wheelers for their Trail of the Month, a combination of Rainbow Terrace and Secret Spire – didn’t stop at Secret Spire but did stop at Dellenbaugh Tunnel.  Our thanks to our friends at RR4W for allowing our group to join them – they always make us feel welcome.
The weekend was finished by a quick club run out to Dolores River Overlook before heading for home.

February 19, 2022-Lester, Ruth and Jess attended Red Rock 4-Wheelers trail of the month to “Deadman Point” Great weather, great overlooks. A terrific day to be out enjoying Our Public Lands.

Valentine Kerfuffle Moab February 11-13, 2022 led by Ric Antolovich

3 vehicles and 4 bodies attended.

Ridgeway and Rick left US 550 and Solar road at 7:30 am on February 11th and took the Southern route over Dallas and through Paradox to drop off their crawl unworthy gear at Water’s condo in Moab. From there the over-built JK and sneaky TJ made quick work of Wipe Out (tougher left line), The Pickle, Mashed Potato’s and Gravy Boat. After a harmonic convergence at the Water’s condo, it off to the Blue Pig for some BBQ.

On Big Saturday (February 12th), Brian joined the geezers at the Moab Diner for an early breakfast before heading out to do Poison Spider (requested by Water’s) then Golden Spike, Gold Bar, taking all the hard lines. (The Golden Crack was enjoyed by all). With Brian on board, Rick backed off two near tip over backwards attempts on the Double Whammy, then decided to head for a tougher (but doable for his TJ’S wheelbase) line to the right. Unfortunately, his head in butt backwards Y-turn without looking, put him on his side in a black hole, from which 2 winch lines righted him. After blowing 1 & 1/2 quarts of 10W30 out of cylinders 5&6 and cleaning up the mess, the crew finished out on Gold Bar before reliving the day at the Moab brewery.

Brian went skiing on Sunday, February 13th, and missed Ridgway’s Behind the Rock request. The geezers made short work of the beginning obstacle and rocketed out to High Dive Canyon. All 3 vehicles did stay upright this day, even though Ridgway gave Rick his worst spot ever on High Drive (bypassed by Water’s). Water’s then decided to give Upchuck the old green welly, doing some door reshaping on the way. All 3 had big fun getting down White Knuckle, before heading back home. (with no glass in his driver window, Rick bundled up real good for his survival ride).

Lotsa big memories