Members of the WS4W Club have been exploring the trails around in Western Colorado and Southern Utah for many years.  As a club, WS4W has adopted many of these trails to help maintain access and further the sport of Off-Roading. Here you will find a list as well as descriptions of many popular trails most often run by the club. Under Area Trails you will find a directory of trails divided by specific areas and links to further trail information as provided by other organizations and area Chambers of Commerce. Before running any trail, we ask you to review the Driver Guidelines for acceptable trail etiquette and Club policies. Club Vehicle Requirements contains information for required equipment to participate in club events and trail runs. Driver Responsibilities are the requirements for attending any Club sponsored Trail Run. The Trail Rating Guide provides a difficulty rating of trails from 1 to 10 as used by most area clubs and organizations. You will find these ratings included in all trail descriptions. Trail Work/Maintenance provides information on planned work on trails adopted by the club or other areas the club provides clean-up and trail work. Tips/Tricks contains information on driving techniques and other helpful information used by club members over the years to improve and enhance your adventures. Finally, Trip Reports contain the latest trail conditions as reported by club members who have recently traveled the area. As always, the Club welcomes current information on these trails and other areas of interest.

This is a current index of trails as compiled by the Western Slope 4 Wheelers. The trails here are listed in alphabetical order. Click on any trail and it will take you to the most current description and in depth information.  All materials are the property of WS4W and may not be used without permission.

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Trail Name Trail Rating Area Page
21 Road 7-10 North of Grand Junction
Bangs Canyon 5+ Grand Junction
Billings Canyon 8 Grand Junction
Black Bear 5 San Juan Mountains
Bobcat 3 Montrose – Peach Valley
Boulder Canyon 10+ Uncompahgre Plateau
Cactus Ridge 8 Uncompahgre Plateau
Calamity Canyon 6-9 Uncompahgre Plateau
California Gulch 4 San Juan Mountains
Camel Back/ Roubideau
Canyon Rim
4 Uncompahgre Plateau
Chukar Trail 3 Montrose – Peach Valley
Cinnamon Pass 3 San Juan Mountains
Corkscrew Gulch 4 San Juan Mountains
Death Row 10+ Uncompahgre Plateau
Die Trying 8 Uncompahgre Plateau
Dry Mesa 4×4 Road 3 Uncompahgre Plateau
Dominguez Ridge Loop 3 Escalante Canyon
Engineer Pass 4 San Juan Mountains
Escalante Canyon Road 1-4 Escalante Canyon
Escalante Rim Trail 5 Escalante Canyon
Hurricane Pass 4 San Juan Mountains
Imogene Pass 5 San Juan Mountains
Kitson/Long Slough 4 Grand Mesa
Lands End       3 Grand Mesa
Leon Lake 4 Grand Mesa
Maggie Gulch 3 San Juan Mountains
Mineral Creek  4 San Juan Mountains
Minnie Gulch 3 San Juan Mountains
Monitor Mesa 4×4 Road 3 Uncompahgre Plateau
Ophir Pass 4 San Juan Mountains
Owl Creek Pass/
Chimney Rock
2 Cimarron Mountain Loop
Poughkeepsie Gulch 6 San Juan Mountains
Red Mountain 4 San Juan Mountains
Roubideau 4×4 Road 5 Uncompahgre Plateau
Sawmill Mesa  3 Uncompahgre Plateau
Scratch & Dent 7 Uncompahgre Plateau
Smith Gulch 4 San Juan Mountains
Smith Mountain 3 Montrose – Peach Valley
Tabeguache 4×4 Road 5+ Uncompahgre Plateau
Topless 7 Uncompahgre Plateau
Uncompahgre Plateau
2 Uncompahgre Plateau
Wave/Eagle Loop 4 Montrose – Peach Valley
Yankee Boy Basin  4 San Juan Mountains