Easter Jeep Safari 2017

Well, Easter Jeep Safari for 2017 is in the history books. The Western Slope 4 Wheelers were well represented along with Montrose County. The club showed a great response to the request by Montrose County to man a booth during the Vendors Show to -promote the newly opened Rimrocker Trail. A group of volunteers manned the booth beginning with the setup on Wednesday and through Friday afternoon. Along with passing out more than a thousand bags stuffed with maps, history and other Montrose area information, the volunteers met over 1200 people and answered their questions on this new trail. Answering the question of running a trail over 160 miles long over two or more days, the response from the public was very high. Many folks were a bit disappointed to learn it was still closed in two places because of late snow but most added the Rimrocker Trail to their bucket list of trails to run. One couple from Arkansas was so excited about running it, they were already making plans to return, possibly as early as this summer! The response to the trail was very high, a surprise for a lot of us there at the booth. Many people came by the booth after hearing others talk about the “New” trail from fellow jeepers the day before or while out running other trails during the week.

The event gave club members a good exposure to the interest in the new trail There is still more work to be done on the trail. We will be running a GPS exercise in July to finish the last two sections of the trail. It’s also planned to video the trail for the county and to get the final history written for the last sections. The club has been very instrumental in helping the county get the information needed to update the Rimrocker website and the new inter-active map should be up and operating by the end of summer. Meanwhile, the county is moving forward with work on the official trail head on the Montrose end with the installation of potable water, restrooms and the grading of the parking area. The club hopes to begin construction of the OHV Training area this summer as well.

Thanks to all who participated in this event.